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SDK timeout

When an order is sent from the client SDK to gamesparks, we can receive :

- the script response

- a timeout, after 5 seconds

Is there a way to change this value of 5 seconds?

Hi Eric

Can I have some more details about the problem?

What SDK are you using? Is is timing out when you try to authenticate or at a certain event?

If you have any error logs that would help



Hi Katie,

It's not really a problem (for the moment ;)

We are using Action script SDK.

An example is when the player looses connectivity with gamesparks server.

An order is sent, and of course cloud script never receives it.

After 5 seconds I receive this timeout from the SDK, so I can act accordingly (display a message, test the connection, retry, etc.).

Another problem with that timeout is that if the cloud script last more than 5 seconds, we receive a timeout after 5 seconds and not the response at the end of the script.

I'm having timeout issues in Unity. My scripts run fine in the test harness. Same parameters but timeout way under 30 seconds.

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