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GooglePlayBuyGoodsRequest able to handle test purchases

According to GooglePlay's document, test purchases don't have orderId which GS uses to identify the transactions. I can't test the system at all, and I can't just press live without knowing the code will actually work. It would be fantastic if the api can handle the purchase without orderId.

Hi Nipitpon,

Apologies for the delayed response, I'll pass this on to the dev team for review.



Hi Nipiton,

This is an issue we are aware of. It should be resolved in our next development sprint which is well under way. This will provide the ability to test google purchases in preview. 

Regards, Patrick. 

Any update on this?
We get the "The signature does not match the signed data" error when trying to validate a test purchase in the preview environment.


I get same "The signature does not match the signed data" error while trying to validate test purchase in the live environment.

Any solution?

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