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Programming team workflow

We have a workflow problem now that we have more than one person working on the gamesparks code.

We each have our own Gamesparks game for development, when a developer is ready to add their changes to the game, they export their cloud code to their local machine, commit to their git fork, then the lead programmer can review these changes, merge them into the development branch and import them into the main development environment.

This works relatively well except when it comes to adding/changing events. As far as I can tell, there is no way to selectively move the events between games without creating and copying a snapshot. Our current solution is that junior programmers have to tell the lead programmer of any events they have added or changed, and the lead has to manually recreate that work in the shared development environment. As we would like our processes to be completely automated, this is not ideal.

Can anyone suggest a better workflow?



Sorry Vicky, we currently dont have a solution to this problem.
While we do have integration for bitbucket and github in the roadmap, copying changes to collections or game-config is difficult to share between games.

One alternative would be to keep a single game to work from and use snapshots to save work done on the game, that way you could always roll-back changes by reverting to a previous snapshot.
This will allow you to sync the game-config and meta collections, but not runtime collections unfortunately.

Sorry i couldnt be more helpful on this topic.


Hi Sean,

I assume the events are stored in the game-config?  Is there any way to access this programmatically?



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