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Remove team achievements


I am having some trouble with team achievements. My problem is when a team gets an achievement, I want to be able to give it again to the same team, but it doesn't work, even if the achievement is set to "Repeatable". It works for achievements awarded to players, but not to teams. Even if I remove the achievement from the players, since their team already has the achievement, it doesn't give it again.
Also, I tried to remove the achievement by cloud code, but it doesn't seem that a "removeAchievement" function exists for teams, as it does for players.

Thank you!

 Hey Javier,

Sorry, this is a problem with the platform.
I have created a request to fix this and we will keep you updated.


Hi Sean,

Thank you, I would appreciate if you tell me something when this is done, so I run my tests.



Will do Javi,

We will need to wait for the schedule for the next sprint so we can add this to it. It could take a couple weeks before we have an ETA.
But i will keep you updated as i find more information.



 Thanky you Sean!

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