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match making based on things other than skill or groups

so a MatchmakingRequest has functionality to match based on the parameters matchGroup, matchShortCod, and skill. What if you want to match based on custom things like, are bots enabled or other specific settings to a game?

Can we pack this into a match's script data and use that?

If Matchmaking does not support this (yet? haha), is the best way to achieve this by creating a custom collection to replace Matchmaking and searching that? And if there is a match, can we create a challenge in cloud code from that match?


Currently you can't add scriptData to a match. What exactly are you trying to do here ? You can put anything you want in the matchGroup so you would be able to match players that way. Once matched you can automatically add the participants to a challenge if you'd like. There is an example of this in our Hearthstone tutorial here. You could also use SparkMultiplayer to manually create a match between two players. You could use this in a MatchNotFoundMessage to manually create a match between a bot and a player if a match is not found between two players during the initial MatchMakingRequest. If you have any further questions just let me know.



What I had set up in photon (I'm moving to you guys now), is allow players to search for game rooms with specific settings.

For example, they could say, find a game with a map type of Canada.

But, and this is what I'm trying to do, they also had the option to say the map can be anything.

matchGroup seems very specific since it's just one string and I have multiple settings.

At the moment, if I were to use matchGroup, I imagine this would happen for example:

If botsEnabled is true, reservedPlayers is 2, chatEnabled = false, and mapType is England the matchGroup would be: "true2falseEngland" all the settings' values in a string.

If someone else wanted to find a game with the same settings, it'd work perfectly since it'd be equivalent. But like I said above, if a player doesn't care about botsEnabled (setting it to "Any" for example instead of true or false) and is of another setting, how to we facilitate that?

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