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Repeated achievements


I am having an issue, I have some achievements linked to some leaderboards (set to Calculate Daily). When the leaderboard is calculated, one player gets some achievements twice: once at 00:03 and another time at 00:05. I let you a screen capture from the script log.

I don't know if this has something to do with it, but just in case...every time I give an achievement I give the player a combination of virtual goods through cloud code, then I remove the achievement.

Thank you!

Screen capture.

(543 KB)

Hi Javier,

Can you double check your Calculate Daily Leaderboards to make sure you aren't awarding this achievement in two of them ? Is there a reason why you remove the achievement straight after it has been awarded ? In your case a leaderboard is calculated and as soon as the achievement is awarded to a player for being in X position, you are removing the given achievement straight away in the AchievementEarnedMessage (or somewhere else) ? You can set an achievement to be repeatable in its configuration on the portal so a player will get this message every time, so you don't need to remove it. If you have any further questions just let me know.



Hi Liam,
Thank you for the response. Lets take the PLAYER_PVP_1_Empty_ACV, from the image, as an example:
There is only one achievement with that short code, and that achievement is linked to only one leaderboard, with the trigger data set to "New Global Rank" = 1.
Yes, I am removing the achievement in the AchievementEarnedMessage, but if I don't remove it and I set the achievement as "Repeatable" the outcome is the same: I get it twice, with some seconds of difference.
You are welcome to have a look if you want, the proect is Heroes Empire: TCG, the achievements are PLAYER_PVP_1_Empty_ACV or PLAYER_DUNGEON_1_Empty_ACV (actually any achievement between 001 and 012, but I am doing tests with these two I said).
We are trying to figure it out, if we find it I'll say something here.


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