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Platform Release 2016-06-09

Hello Sparks!

There have been some considerable updates to the platform during this release.  As well as making some tweaks to Matchmaking and enhancements to Experiments, we've been working on adding in new Cloud Code methods for you to use, Social network authentication improvements, as well as adding the ability to export Analytics data in JSON to your local machine.  Check out the list below for details:

Bug-fix --- Fixed an issue where Metadata documents were overwritten when copying the snapshot over another game (7937)

Bug-fix --- The Script Log query builder drop down in the Manager section now has the correct values (7859)

Story --- Viber icons and informative text have been added to the Messages area if you have Viber enabled. (7697)

Bug-fix --- Charts now load correctly in placeholders when used in other areas other than modal forms. (7699)

Story --- Social friends now unfriended in their respective network will now be removed from the friends list in GameSparks (7701)

Story --- Customer boolean field can now be added to the Player and searched upon on the Players screen in the Manage section (7703)

Story --- Players can now be added or removed from running Experiments via Cloud Code (7705)

Bug-fix --- The Cloud Code Debugger no longer skips a `require` on an Event or Module if it exists on line 1. (7707)

Story --- An Explain ($explain) button has been added to the Find, Count and Aggregate tabs in NoSQL Explorer (7709)

Bug-fix --- Android Push notifications in Live staging can now be sent in bulk (7807)

Bug-fix --- MatchInstance collection in NoSQL wasn't get saving changed when adding/removing players via Cloud Code. It's now fixed. (7851)

Story --- The GameSparks Registration page has now been updated. (7893)

Story --- Change analytics to not write to Mongo, and instead offer export options on custom data in the Analytics section (7909)

Story --- An informative error code list has been added to the response for SteamConnectRequest when an Authentication error occurs (7925)

Bug-fix --- New players are no longer created when socially disconnected and reconnected to GameSparks (7929)

Bug-fix --- GetUploadUrlRequest now works when constructed as a SparkRequest within Cloud Code (7935)