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Workflow using local files


This is going to take a bit of explaining and it might be long.

At my current workplace, for writing code and development we use a system revolving around forking the main repo and using pull requests to get features and new code in. These pull requests go through one of the senior devs who check the code is good and won't break the build for everyone else.

And ideal situation would be to write code on my local machine and get GameSparks to use that so I can test my own code before committing it and submitting a pull request. 

The way GameSparks works right now would imply to have my local code pushed somewhere then get synced with the cloud code before I can test it. Obviously this adds some complexity and would be a huge time sink if for every line of code I add and want to make sure that works, I have to pull/push and sync my code to github. Also, I wouldn't want to work with importing/exporting zips to do that because that would probably take even more time (also we're not in the 90s anymore).

For a personal project of mine I am using a game framework called PlayCanvas which implements a workflow similar to what I have described. I basically run a server on my local machine and instead of running a version of their framework which uses the synced github code, it pulls the files from my machine instead. This is ideal because I can quickly write code, test it and only after I'm sure it's fine, will I push it to the repo and do the whole pull request/checking thing. (here's a link that should clarify that workflow: )

I'm just wondering if this is in any way a planned feature or if there are some more or less obscure ways of achieving this ideal workflow I'm looking for with GameSparks?


Mike :D

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I use a 'similar' workflow and here is what I do...

I maintain my own gamesparks game instance for testing purposes (we have a development one, production one and my own experimental one)

I have local code that can take local cloud code and push it up to that gamesparks instances via their exposed REST APIs.

My gamesparks client code (unity) - is simply switched over to use that special gamesparks instance and I can test and experiment pretty easily.

When all works the way I want it to - I can commit my code changes (both gamesparks cloud and client-side code) and push those changes to the gamesparks instance.

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