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MongoDB 3.0 for preview environment

Hi All,

As part of our commitment to continually improving the stability, scalability and functionality of the GameSparks platform, we are very pleased to announce the upgrade of our Preview environment to use MongoDB 3.0 for persistent storage of your metadata and runtime collections.

We will follow this by upgrading our Live environment the week commencing 20th June.
We have performed extensive testing of MongoDB 3.0 in our pre-production environments and are impressed with the backwards compatibility, stability and increased performance.

Whilst we expect no impact to existing games we encourage you to review your games and ensure they are functioning as expected in the Preview environment. If you do encounter any issues - or have any other concerns - then please raise a support ticket.

The upgrade to MongoDB 3.0 is the first step in our upgrade to Mongo 3.2, which contains a number of features our customers have requested. Look out for further announcements in the coming weeks!


The GameSparks Team

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Awesome! Really stoked about this. Thanks everyone at Gamesparks!

Great news!! Thank you!

Great news!! Thank you!

Awesome, glad to see you guys are keeping ahead with the tech :)

Greg, is this already live now?

Thanks for the updates, especially the eventual update to 3.2

 This is being rolled out today, so it should be tested and live over the next few hours.


Thanks. Will you post here when you do, so we can double check everything is in order?

Yes, we have deployed to a number of servers, but it will probably be tomorrow before the rest will be done.
The current servers are gsp-aeu003,gsp-aeu004, gsp-aeu005 and gsp-auw00.


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