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GameSparks and FireBase Cloud Messaging (FCM) on Android


Google has deprecated Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) in favor of Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). I'm now at a point where I either build GCM support or FCM support into our game in order to enable push notifications. 

  • Am I correct that GameSparks currently only supports GCM? GameSparks asks for a GCM API key in order to enable push notifications.
  • If so, is there anything planned for adding or switching to FCM in the near future?


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Hi Guys,

We have tested Firebase with GameSparks and it works. There are some new steps involved with Firebase that are not in are documentation yet. We hope to get these steps into the documentation soon. For now you can follow along here.

1.Crate a new project on Google Developers Console

2. Go to the Fire Base Console and import google project and select the project you made in the google developers console,

3.Go back to the google developers console and go to credentials google will have auto created a server key 

4.Go back to the gamesparks portal , go to integrations ->google-> edit put the server key into GCM API Key

That should be all you need. Try that and let me know how you get on. If you need any further assistance just let us know.



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Hi guys !

Is there any ways to get it work on iOS ? We tried to send push notifications on Android via GameSparks (FCM) and it worked great, but it fails on iOS devices...

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I got it working as GCM events following the steps.   You just need to make sure you add Firebase to your Google Play project.  The server key it gives you works as GCM.  Thank goodness it is backwards compatible.

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Hi Sadd

What is the problem you are having with the docs?

The registrationToken is gotten from whatever 3rd party plugin you are using on the client.

Once you have this token you send it to GameSparks using a pushRegistrationRequest.



Hi Katie,

The tutorial as i mentioned earlier shows two events OnTokenReceived and OnMessageReceived but they don't get triggered. So I am unable to get  registrationToken. Any help would be appreciated. 



I've integrated FCM with my project, but push-up notifications don't seem to form properly from GameSparks -- they never pop up on my device actually.

If I check FCM Diagnostics in Google Play Dev Console (picture attached), I see that messages, sent from GS, were successfully delivered. But the application name is not filled (perhaps that's reason why I did not see them popping up). Also, message expiration date has its maximum value, though I've set 1 hour on GameSparks side.

Any suggestions, please?

(4.75 KB)

As the follow-up to my previous comment, I forgot to mention that the upper string in the attached picture show message sent from GS, and the lower -- sent simply from Firebase console (the later one was delivered and popped up on my device successfully). The last column is "Expire hours".

Awesome, that's great news!

hello. we are in the same boat. is there any update on this?


I have some problem to send push notification on Android in Test Push Notifications i get  


But i don't get push notification on device.

I would also really like to know if there's a good way to use Firebase for iOS with GameSparks...

Any update on this subject?

Great to hear! We're now also successfully using FCM using GameSparks.

hello, is there any update on FCM support please?

This is fine. but I can't get registrationToken from Listener OnTokenReceived as mentioned on official firebase docs here Kindly update your docs ASAP we really need that. Thanks. 

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