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Cloud code support for Javascript ES6

It's probably a long shot, but ES6 contains many improvements over ES5, and it would make coding for GameSparks less painful for nontrivial projects. Once you get used to ES6 features, it's really hard to go back to the stone age. :) So, I'd like to suggest an upgrade.

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Ohhh, maybe there's hope! :D!topic/mozilla-rhino/Z-Rq8sfIWUk

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I would also like to see this, any news from the GameSparks team?

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Any clue on this?



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Any news on this? 

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The Cloud Code engine has recently been upgraded to Rhino . You can read more about the upgraded features here.



Gah, still no template literals. RIP, Rhino development is incredibly slow.

var myName = 'Jon Snow';

var greetings = 'Greetings, '${myName}'!; // Error

Have to type it as:

var greetings = 'Greetings, ' + "'" + myName + "'!"

I'm about to make a giant parsing string to post a thread on our Discourse forum for reporting. This is not going to be fun without template literals ~

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sorry to necro a thread but i find template literals a necessary feature as well. Really helps make everything so much better. 

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I second that request. I also think, that at switching to V8 might be the better long term solution. Not only is V8 considerably faster than Rhino, it also is more feature complete (as in: supporter a newer ECMAScript).

A switch a could also lead to a better CloudCode structure, with proper modules, not a single folder and a pseudo include with "require("Stuff")". This in turn would also improve support for Typescript, CoffeScript

I'm willing to wait a bit for a switch to happen, but currently I'm seriously considering switching to Nakama because working around the quirks of CloudCode is eating my time.

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ECMA5 is painful. It actually came out in 2009. Since then, technology has not only changed to be more convenient, but there are certain new standards to follow that has been out for years that we're now having to go back in history to code using decade-old technology.

It's embarrassing to tell others when we're coding with this in a platform that's meant to be next-gen.

With Amazon's new acquisition, I'm surprised this isn't made a priority: Not just for existing customers, but for future ones. ECMA5 is a ticking timebomb.


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Not sure what it takes to push a request like this through, but hopefully it is on the cards. 

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Just a 9 month old bump of a 3 year old post:

You guys are now Amazon: Isn't it a bit embarrassing that you only support ES5? :P 

In Rhino, there's a switch to turn on ES6 that supports your version -- you just need to turn it on! Backwards compatible with ES5! Nothing breaks -- only good stuff happens:

You need to call Context.setLanguageVersion to select the ES6 version or select -version 200 on the CLI

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