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Refactoring cloud code

Is there a way to do simple refactoring in cloud code? For example, renaming variables, renaming functions? Those operations should happen across all relevant cloud code files, which is the point. :)

Many offline editors support this, but we lose the "intellisense" using those, so I am resisting, but refactoring is super important, too.

Any plans for such a capability?

Maybe you can try download all scripts/moduls and attach it to external environment? There are some which can help with this. And later of course export refactored code to cloud code


I did export the code and open the files in Visual Studio Code, but because of the unconventional way "require" works in cloud code vs real javascript, none of the code was semantically connected, so the intellisense didn't work.

Yeah I'm having the same issue. Switching around so many libraries and languages for projects, and then having to memorize the GameSparks specific methods as well just to work on the server code. Which isn't exactly the most streamline process to test, because it's a remote hosted solution; so any little bit helps :)

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