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Platform Release 2016-05-24

Hey all,

The below changes may not seem like a lot but we’ve definitely been busy revamping and improving things under the hood. This release we've made some changes to how our Analytics data is accessed. Instead of Analytics data being available in NoSQL Explorer, your data can be queried and downloaded directly from Analytics within the Configurator. Additionally, we've made the Realtime Script log available in NoSQL Explorer. For the full list of our updates read below.

Story --- The ListTransactionsResponse has been updated to include the TransactionId from purchases. (7593)

Story --- Analytics data can now be exported to JSON files directly from our Analytics within the Configurator. This includes exporting custom querys and pre defined charts. (7601)

Story --- Changes have been made to the registration verification e-mail received. (7609)

Story --- Changes to the registration screen have been made. (7617)

Story --- New Rest EndPoints have been created to allow Custom Segments filters to be imported and exported. (7635)

Bug-Fix --- Fixed an issue when deleting an attribute from an event, which would display an SQL error. (7513)

Bug-Fix --- Viber Image URL path is now included on the ViberConnectRequest when used from Spark.message("ext") (7569)

Bug-Fix --- Validation has been added when creating a new Player Credentials, ensuring it cannot authorise Admin Requests. (7579)

Bug-Fix --- Fix to allow JSON data to be set on an object retrieved from Mongo when the key is an integer value. (7613)

Bug-Fix --- Spelling correction for method leaderboard.getEntriesForIdentifier(myPlayerId,{}) in cloud code documentation. (7643)

Bug-Fix --- method now takes an integer instead of a long number. (7647)

Bug-Fix --- Collection realtime.log is now available through NoSQL under the Runtime section. (7729)

Bug-Fix --- Fix to Google Integrations now has default push configuration values pre-set. (7733)

Bug-Fix --- Fix to our REST API when a Shortcode is changed and fails if they had child entities. (7757)