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Blocking Social Media Friend

Hi, I am trying to add a friend block system to our game.

I am able to block game friends except Facebook friends. How can I manage to block a player's some social friends from appearing in Social Leaderboard or ListGameFriends list?

Kind Regards

Hi Seclan, 

The easiest way to this this would be to remove the friend on Facebook, this would then remove the friend from the players externalAuthentication on GameSparks which in turn would remove them from future SocialLeaderBoardRequests. If that is a bit extreme what you could do is add the FB users to your blocked collection, then when performing the SocialLeaderBoardRequest, check the returned results, if any of the blocked users entries come back, remove them and re sort the results so the ranks are in ascending order. If you have any further questions just let me know.



Hi Oisin,

I am adding ids of blocked users to a collection.

Hi Selcan,

What method are you using to block non-fb players?



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