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ListChallengeRequest ISSUED and RECEIVED states

According to the documentation a challenge has the status ISSUED or RECEIVED depending on the player that executes the request:

ISSUED : The challenge has been issued by the current player and is waiting to be accepted.

RECEIVED : The challenge has been issued to the current player and is waiting to be accepted.

However, whenever I try it, the state is always ISSUED no matter which player I use to execute the request.

This is the code I'm executing:


 "@class": ".ListChallengeRequest",

 "entryCount": 5,

 "offset": 0,

 "state": "",





Any idea what could be wrong here?

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Hi Jeffry, 

Are these PRIVATE or PUBLIC challenges? 

Best Regards, Patrick. 

Hi Patrick, it's a PRIVATE challenge.

This still works the same way. I make a PRIVATE CreateChallengeRequest.

And then to find the challenge you have to make a ListChallengeRequest for RECEIVED, but you only get ISSUED challenges in the response.


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As Conny wrote, it's REALLY confusing. I spent hours looking for why ListChallengeRequest().SetState("ISSUED") returned ZERO results. But it turns out you need to use "RECEIVED" even though the actual state on the Challenge (in the Database) is ISSUED. 

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