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Test Harness [Preview vs. Live]

When using the Test Harness, one expects that the events and requests would be listed based on the events in the published snapshot.

For instance let's say we have an event: "SetPlayerAccessory" and we publish this to the live version.

Now let's assume we have another event called "SetPlaySkill" of which exists only on the preview version. When we go to the LIVE test harness, we will see the events "SetPlayerAccessory" and "SetPlaySkill" of which "SetPlaySkill" will cause an error.

Now that is fine, I wouldn't expect it to work, but take the following case:

I remove the "SetPlayerAccessory" in the Preview version. However; I still should be able to use the test harness to call it on the LIVE version, yet it does not show up on the list of events I can call.

Please change this behaviour, as it is the expect outcome.


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Hi Devon,

Thanks for pointing that out, I'll look into replicating this behavior and passing it on to the dev team.



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