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Game Center authentication: ACCOUNT_ALREADY_LINKED

Not sure if this behaviour is intended.

I can log users without problems on multiple devices with your Game Center SDK add-on.

But if I connect a different Game Centre user and then try to connect to my game, i receive an ACCOUNT_ALREADY_LINKED error from the server. 

From the server side It seems that the client try to log using account of the previous Game Center account with the wrong credentials.

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Hi Gabriel,

Is this happening when trying to authenticate another user on the same device as the previous user ?  The "ACCOUNT_ALREADY_LINKED" error means the current player has a GameCenter account liked to them but it doesn't match the one they just tried to log in with. Are you getting a fresh token for the second user when they Authenticate. Is it a GameCenter authentication directly or are the users authenticate by device or userName/password before the GameCenterConnectRequest ? If you have any logs please attach them to the thread, or if you can let me know the gameId I'll take a closer look at the game for you.



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