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GS auto registering and authenticating on GS:Initialise()


I'm having some issues in trying to detect whether a player has been just registered as a new one or not. The problem is related to the fact that GS automatically registers and authenticates the player when GS.Initialise() is called, while I wanted to call for the authentication manually and read the response.NewPlayer bool in the AuthenticationResponse object. How can I change this behavior? I would like the GS.Initialize to just open a websocket connection to the GS servers and nothing else.


Hi Marco,

GameSparks wouldn't be auto registering a player by default, have you added this behavior yourself ? If you can give me some more details here we can look at it a bit deeper for you.



Hey Marco,

The authentication response you get from the socket when GS is initializing is an authentication for the socket.
Now, if you are doing a device authentication in the Unity SDK we do store those authentication details and the authentication is automatic when you re-initialize the SDK. You can remove that by deleting the player-prefs in Unity.

If you want to check if you are registering a player that exists, you should get an error code back if the userName exists.



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