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Manage -> Leaderboards UI

Hi, this is just a suggestion but, could it be possible to fix the UI for the Leaderboards UI (under Manage section). It looks quite cropped and there's not enough space for clearly reading, I always have to zoom out the browser to 50% in order to read it (screenshot attached).

I've tried with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, got the same results in every browser.

This is not urgent at all, just a suggestion, but would be nice if you could take a quick look ;)


(136 KB)

Hi Christian,

Our Manage Screens are built using the Dynamic Forms API and can be customized to suit a users specific needs. So you can go in and change this if you'd like. The snippet from your screenshot is called "leaderboards_main_menu", you can find it in the snippets tab of the Screen Builder window in the Manage section of the portal.You can read more about about Dynamic Forms here and here.



Oh I see Liam,

That's great! Thanks!

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