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LeaderboardDataRequest filter by teamId

Hello there,

I need help please. I want to retrieve the info of a Team, in a Leaderboard. I have been trying with "getLeaderboardDataRequest", but what I get is the info of a number of teams (as many as the parameter "entry count") . My goal is to get the same info, but for only one team. I thought that could be achieved by setting up the parameter "teamIds" to the id of the team I want to get its info. By doing so, I get the same info as if I would let that parameter empty. (Attached Image1 and 2)

There is a way to do what I want in the "Manage" tab. In the "Leaderboards" section, if I select the leaderboard and I fill the field "Player/TeamId" with the id of the team, and then hit "Go to Entry", then it shows me only the team with that id. That is what I want to achieve. (Attached image 3)

Thank you very much!

(141 KB)
(110 KB)
(104 KB)

I have this same problem. Still looks like broken and not working correctly. :( 

 It looks like teamIds and teamTypes arguments are ignored.

Hi Javier,

Investigating this.



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