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Export analytics data


Is there any way to export analytics data in detail including custom key/value pairs?   In the chart builder I can generate a data table, but to actually examine the "data" section for each entry, I need to click on the magnifying glass on the right, by hand, for each line.  

There is export functionality for the NoSQL data, however the analytics events are absent from this.

The only columns the table shows in the chart builder are timestamp, type and playerid, how I can add additional columns to by visible in the query result?

The data is definitely there, but I cannot figure out any programmatic way to access it, even after much reading of the documentation; there's nothing I could fine in the dynamic forms API, for example, that allows me to view the additional fields - all it basically does is call the chart you setup in the chart builder.



Hi Adrian,

Thanks for the suggestions!

The team is looking at ways to improve our analytics and are already considering the issues you mentioned.

Keep an eye on the Announcements section for improvements to the analytics feature set in the coming months.



Thanks for the quick response.   To clarify though, are you saying it is not currently possible to either export this data or display specific fields in a chart/query ?

Ah, I somehow missed the second half of your post!

If you can log a ticket giving us your gameID and what specifically you want tracked we will take a look at it for you.



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