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Easiest/most correct way to add players

I'm working up a system to populate our GameSparks dataset with a slew of players, leaderboard and other data so we can get a feel for how our code (and yours) manages different kinds of request and actions with a 'fully loaded' dataset.

Up to this point, I've been using the GameSparks Client API (Java) to populate players (device authenticated, registered, etc) - but I just started using the REST API for some other activities on the MongoDB datastore.  Is there a way to populate 'new' players with the REST API?   I was thinking at the least, I could manipulate the "player" collection - but it's data doesn't seem to match up with what I see in the API docs (  

So is there a recommended way to create players in the system (other than the client API)?

Follow-up.  Because the REST api for creating a new Game doesn't return the API secret (only the key), I have no way to automagically add players through the Client API - as it requires the API secret as well as key.

So with no way to add players through the REST api, and the REST API for adding a game not giving me back the secret, I am stuck with some manual processes.

Any thoughts?

thanks in advance!

This is being addressed in a ticket.



Sorry to revive a old thread, but i'm also interested in this.

I'm currently adding leaderboards and having a way to add a lot of players/leaderboard entries would help a lot to test this.


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