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Portal session timeout

During a long session today while working on the cloud scripts when I pressed Cmd+S, instead of saving, the session apparently timed out and took me directly to the login page without any warning. When I logged back in, I had lost over an hour's work. Also, I do save frequently in such long sessions, but somehow the work didn't get saved.

Hi Robin,

Sorry to hear about that.
Do you know how long it had been since you previously saved?
Also what browser/version are you using?

Would like to try and replicate this issue so any details you can give would be helpful.


Hi Oisin,

I'm using Safari v8.0.8.

It must have been a couple of minutes since I had last saved. On pressing cmd+S, I was getting the green bar that says "Success". Although I do remember that the "Save" button wasn't getting disabled after saving like it usually does. Also, I had multiple tabs open, one for each for test harness, noSQL and cloud code. If I happen to replicate the issue again, I'll let you know the exact details.

Hi Oisin,

This issue happened again today. This time though, it had been over 15 minutes since I last saved and when I pressed Cmd+S, the login popup came right over the interface.

There was also a popup from Safari about "Stay on page" or "Leave Page". I was, however, able to copy my work by clicking outside the popup, pressing Cmd+A and copying.

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