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${who} only available in ChallengeTurnTakenMessage?

We are using the GameSparks Messages 'advanced configuration' Android and iOS JSON fields to configure custom push messages. In the ChallengeTurnTakenMessage and ChallengeIssuedMessage we use the ${who} string which is replaced by the name of person has taken a turn in the message that is delivered to the player.

Sample ChallengeTurnTakenMessage Android JSON: 

{ "text":"${who} has taken their turn.", "title":"Name Of The Game", "challengeId":"${challenge.challengeId}" }

Using the {$who} string in these messages doesn't work, the string is not replaced by a name:




In ChallengeStartedMessage and ChallengeAcceptedMessage we would like to use the name of the first Challenged Player (all matches are 1 on 1). In ChallengeWaitingMessage the name of the Challenger.

How can we access this information?


- Niels

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This is being handled in the ticket system.



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