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Platform Release 2016-04-15

Hey all,

This release we've added a lot of new functionality to use your own custom scripts based on your customised Credentials, such as custom Callback URL’s, as well as the ability to write Realtime Scripts available for use with your client API and the Realtime servers. For the full list of our updates read below.

Story --- Individual Callback URL's can now be created based off of customised server credentials (6715)

Story --- Runtime collections optimistic locking capabilities and versioning control to ensure 2 users cannot update the same collection at the same time (7137)

Story --- Realtime Scripts can now be associated with Match configuration, as well as writing custom Realtime scripts in Cloud Code to be executed and interact with your client API. (7141)

Story --- ViberAuthenticationRequest now returns extra details including friends ID and Profile pictures. (7243)

Story --- GooglePlayConnectRequest can now be used to exclusively authenticate with the Google Play services. (7341)

Bug-Fix --- Creation of null bundled virtual goods has been fixed. All bundles require a pre-existing Virtual Good to have been created prior. (7373)

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