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Problem with Facebook-friends


I have social leaderboards setup for Facebook users. Everything was working fine for a long time. Yesterday the game was soft launched and today I added "iPhone/iPad Store ID" in Facebook developer console. Now I noticed that SocialLeaderboardDataRequest only returns the player itself and no friends. What are the likely points of failure here?

Hi Paavo, 

Can you clarify exactly what and were you modified on the dev console?



In "Settings" I entered "iPhone Store ID" and "iPad Store ID" under iOS to match the "Apple ID" from iTunes Connect

(you need to have the platform added to see these settings). I haven't made any other changes to these settings or the app itself.

I noticed that sometimes it also returns a random friend but not everyone, sometimes it doesn't. Seems really strange.

Hi Paavo,

We're experiencing an issue with Facebook Authentication which may have caused your problem.

A fix is due soon.

Will keep you up to date.


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