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Custom Virtual Goods

Hello, I have some doubts about Virtual Goods and how to customize them.


We are working on a card-based game, which has a currency (gold), and lots of different cards. We want to be able to give away gifts to our users. These gifts would come as a pack that has to be editable. For example, we want to be able to give away two packs:

  1 - A pack that contains an editable number of gold units.

  2 - A pack that contains an specific card  (which has a lot of properties).

As we understand it we cannot use Virtual Goods Properties, at least for the example of the card, because we would have to create a Virtual Good for every card there is, or a  Virtual Good Property for every card property there is.


We would like to know if it is possible to manage that somehow,

Thank you!

Hi Javier,

Investigating this issue for you.



Hi Oisin,
Just want to make sure this issue is still on, cause I really need some advise on this. I know it's a tricky one though, hehe.
Thank you!


Hey Javier,

I am going to email you directly about this.



This issue was dealt with through the ticketing system.


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