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No response and no error to a request

Once in a while - I've usually noticed it when changing scene - GameSparks seems to reconnect and lose the request I've sent just before that happened. I receive no timeout notice afterward, so it is impossible to handle and a big problem.

I'm using Unity and here is an idea of what the console look like:

  • scene load
  • GS: SEND:{"@class":".LogEventRequest","eventKey":"getGameState", ...}
  • GS: Connecting to:wss://...

And then there is nothing more. No timeout no response.

I've noticed it in the editor and on a android device. I think I've seen it on a iOS device as well but I'm not sure anymore.

Also checking with GameSparksApi.isAvailable and GameSparksApi.isAuthenticated() before calling the LogEventRequest does not prevent it from being sent.

This is quite a big deal for my game. Hopefully a fix/workaround won't be hard to devise... 

And thanks in advance for enlightening me if I'm just a too much of a lunatics to see what I'm doing wrong.



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Just wanted to say that I'm now waiting a frame with a coroutine before calling the request (instead of calling it from Start() and I've not seen this bug again in the last few days. 

*Fingers crossed*

Hi Gabriel,

What version of the Unity SDK are you using ? There was an update quite recently, you can grab it here. Try that out and let us know if it helps. If not we'll investigate this for you some more.



Hi Liam,

I'm using 5.3.1 instead of 5.3.3

I would gladly upgrade, You'll have to send me the compatible Game Center supplementary package :)


Sorry for not getting back at you before. It's been an hectic week.

I finally manage to update to with the Game Center package and everything seems to work fine on my device. 

However, even before that, I haven't seen the bug since I started to wait a frame to call GS, instead of from Start()

Thanks again.


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