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GIT as platform base & future of multi-project solutions

The Problem
We are developing multiple games that share our events, and code used to setup each game. What would be a great feature is to allow a git style branching mechanic, so that not only would cloud-code be shared between projects, but one could "pull" from another game, the events and other settings.

Our scenario is one where we have created a platform for storing game events, and player stats; along with account management tools. However, we can only edit the cloud-code and not the events via a GIT repo.

Of course, there is the snapshot tool, but this tool makes it painful to merge into another game, especially when each game may have it's own custom set of logic attached to shared events.

Potential Solution
Structure the platform to not only supply cloud-code as a git project, but also the events and other settings stored in the configuration.

Allow access to so that one could branch and pull changes. Then one could create a project from an existing / branched git repository.

Doing this would open up the gates to what could be done in terms of creating templates for game-projects. Not only would this make the platform stronger, it could draw more users to it.

Thanks for your time!


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Hi Devon,

We support synchronising Cloud Code with github via the Import/Export feature.

(Some documentation on that can be found here.)

As you mentioned, Events are not pulled.

I'll pass your suggestion on to the dev team.

Appreciate the feedback!



+1 for this

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