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Game Maker Studio


I am aware that a Game Maker Studio SDK is not available at the moment. Having said that... is there any way to integrate GMS games with GS?

And if so, which features/functionality will not be available  without the SDK?

Hi Andres,

I'm not aware of any way to integrate GMS with GS at this time but keep an eye on the announcements section and we'll update you as soon as there is any news.



Hi, I would love to second the wish to get an SDK for GameMaker:Studio.
GameMaker:Studio supports HTTP communication, JSON encoding and decoding and MD5 encryption/hashing.
So I guess if a Javascript SDK is possible same should be doable for GameMaker:Studio.
It would be great for me as an Indie developer to use your feature rich backend services with GameMaker:Studio!



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Hi, I'm really looking forward to using an SDK for GameMaker:Studio.

I'm betting another 500,000 GMS devs would too!

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