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Did GameSparks pull the plug on Unity Web Player support?

I have two Unity web apps that until yesterday were working well with GameSparks. 

Today neither app is connecting.

Since the connection process appears to be a background thing, I normally wait for the connection, like this:

The downside of this approach (no idea if there is an alternative to that in Unity) is that if there was a connection error, we wouldn't get much detail now would we?

As it stands, nothing hits that callback with the Unity Web Player anymore.

Apps are still connecting normal in editor, OS-X standalone, WebGL preview.

Hey Thibaud,

Did you update to a new SDK of ours by any chance?
If not then i can guarantee the problem is not with our native code, and we have a few clients using the webplayer we havent heard complaints about.
Im wondering if this problem has passed for you at this stage and perhaps it was a hosting problem?

Either way, im very sorry to hear you are having this problem.
If you can please let us know if this is still an issue and i'll investigate this further for you.



I thought i didnt but, what would be the latest SDK that's meant to work in this case? On my end it looked like the same build that worked the day before stopped connecting. Could be an issue with my ISP ( not the host, since local builds running in a browser exhibited the symptom as well )
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