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Submit Score To "Issued" Challenge


The challenge I need has multiplayer and not turn based. When players joined they should submit their scores without waiting for others to join

However when a player creates a challenge and its state changed to "RUNNING", since the challenge has only one player, when a score is submitted, state of challenge is turn in to "COMPLETED".

Are we able to submit scores for "ISSUED" challenges? How can I manage submitting multiple scores, without forcing every players attendance?

Hi Selcan,

Can you clarify what exactly you're trying to achieve in your game?
You want to submit a player score without them being part of the challenge?


I have exactly the same problem - I'm trying to send a LogChallengeEvent to a challenge in ISSUED state and I'm getting this in return:

 "@class": ".LogChallengeEventResponse",
 "error": {
  "challengeInstanceId": "ISSUED"

 Is this a bug? Can't I send requests to an ISSUED challenge (that I joined to)? Is there a workaround for this?

OK, I did some more testing and it looks like there's no point in using LogChallengeEventRequest - it won't work for other than RUNNING challenges and doesn't really offer anything in return. I switched to LogEventRequests where I simply pass "challengeInstanceId" as a user defined field and everything works fine.

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