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Integrating the Facebookv7.4.0 SDK into GameSparks Project in Unity3D

Hey Guys,

We have completed an update to our Facebook integration with GameSparks for the Facebook SDK v7.4,
It might take a few days before it is updated on the website as many of us are at GDC this week, so i will post this here until the link becomes available.


thanks... the next release of the tutorial... include leaderboard integration? with new UI system?

I followed this example, it worked great! Thank you.

How does it work if a user comes back to the game (after he previously logged in with Facebook).

Will GameSpark check if user's access_token expired?

What would be the best way to accomplish this?

Thank you

I'm also wondering the same thing. I think I might have it working; I've posted in the unity forums here;

But yeah, same issue for me - returning users don't seem to authenticate when using ConnectWithFacebook(), it only works the very first time. The above may help you however I'm awaiting confirmation that this is the correct way to log back in. Another method that worked was to call fbDisconnect() first then ConnectWithFacebook(). Again not sure if this is best practice.

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