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MatchmakingRequest no result messages got if reconnected


Env. : iOS SDK

1. MatchmakingRequest sent.

2. Waiting for MatchFoundMessage or MatchNotFoundMessage (timeout).

3. Disconnected, and then reconnected.

4. Cannot get MatchFoundMessage or MatchNotFoundMessage for good.

So my app will be stuck at the waiting state.

I expected the MatchFoundMessage or MatchNotFoundMessage would be delivered even after reconnected.

Please help how to get the information of the Matchmaking state after reconnected.



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Hi Jo,

If you lose your connection during a MatchMakingRequest before a match is found you won't get a MatchFoundMessage or MatchNotFoundMessage as the player is offline so won't be matched with anyone. You could set the request as durable if doing so would suit your needs, it might also be worth checking the connection in game before the request is sent, if the connection has dropped or isn't available for some reason, warn the player or don't let them send the MatchMakingRequest.



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