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Decide End Of Game

I have created a multiplayer game. The game goes like this :

- A player creates a challenge

- Any eligible player joins the challenge

- When 10 players are joined, the game starts.

- Each player has a predefined number of moves which the count kept on client side. When player finishes her moves (the player will send score to the leaderboard.

- When 10 players have sent their scores, challenge will finish and  leaderboard will be shown to all 10 players only. 

- Players will not wait for each others to play. A player will play and send his/her score and the game is finished for them. 

Where I got stuck at is How will I know every player has sent their scores? How will I decide a challenge is finished and display leaderboard accordingly?

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He Selcan,
I've sent you on an answer to your ticket.
Please let me know if that okay.

But, anyone else can chime in here with their opinions; i will put our answer to Slecan's question in here why they are happy with it.


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