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Platform Release 2016-03-03

Hey all,

There's quite a few new features for this release. You might notice a filter now on the Segment Queries page. This has been added to allow you to create and manage the Filter types for any Segment Queries you have. Alongside the new filter we've also added in the ability to use criteria such as "Last Seen" with these filters, which allows you to query players who last logged in days, hours or even minutes earlier. There is also a new request which has been created for use with player transactions and Virtual Goods. We've added the RemoveVirtualGoods request which now allows you to revoke any store transaction even after the good has been given to the Player. For the full list of what’s been added, read below.

Story --- Changes have been made to the REST API to add unique endpoints for Requests. Requests unique to each game can be built by using GET / POST methods allowing calls to be built directly. (6709)

Story --- Profile refreshing for Social Integrations has been added. This automatically refreshes a players picture url every time the connect via a socialconnectrequest is made. (6705)

Story --- New Functionality - Batch Requests up to 500 players. This allows a request to be sent instantly for up to 500 players. It is built up from player Id's and the request JSON you wish to use. (6347)

Story --- New Request added to remove Virtual Goods purchased through marketplace transactions. This request allows you to use the unique transaction ID from a store purchase to remove any Virtual Goods or currency received from a Player. (6345)

Story --- New Request TransactionHistoryRequest to list currency and Virtual Goods transactions (6343)

Story --- New filter options are available in the query builder for relative dates. This allows you to query by criteria such as "Last Seen" using relative filters from days, hours and minutes. (6267)

Story --- A new query filter has been added to allow custom filters to be created and to populate Integrations into the query builder field dropdown list (6065)

Story --- Validation has been added to Apple Integrations which validates certificates, allowing only valid Apple certifcates to be stored (4969)

Bug-fix --- ScriptData arrays on the Player collection were not removing all elements when requested, and causing incorrect custom Player ScriptData to be displayed. This has now been fixed. (7027)

Bug-fix --- Verifcation on Leaderboard configuration has been added to prevent empty attributes being selected for Team Leaderboards when no Team Running totals exist. (6897)

Bug-fix --- Removing and re-adding to the Spark cache errors in re serialising have been fixed (6863)

Bug-fix --- If a player or team is missing from a Leaderboard when using the rebuildLeaderboard Cloud Code method, it will no longer throw a NullPointerException (6689)

Bug-fix --- Experiments - validation for variant percentile overlap has been added (6447)