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Get Team Request response.Team is null? Unity C#

Hi, Im using the Gamesparks_Unity_5.3.3.165.unitypackagefor Unity. Im trying to get the team members in the team.

Using the test harness I'm able to get the list of members, but at client side Unity, I checked the response.Team is = null. Only the JSONData is present. I followed the documentation for this Get Team Request but still couldn't solve my problem.

Any ideas? 


Hi Shiwen,

Can you paste the requests you made and the response + any errors here please?



Hi Oisin,

At the moment, I reverted back to using sdk version which is working for me. Below is the C# code I used in Unity.

The working C# code used in SDK version :

string playerID;

string playerExternalID;

string playerDisplayName;

new GetTeamRequest ().SetTeamType ("friendsList").Send ((response) => {
if (response.HasErrors) {
Debug.Log ("Get team request error!");

else {

GSEnumerable<GetTeamResponse._Player> members = response.Members;
foreach (GetTeamResponse._Player user in members) {

playerID =user.Id;

playerExternalID = user.ExternalIDs.GetString("FB");

playerDisplayName = user.DisplayName;


So when i upgraded the SDK version to , The C# implementation for it changes as well, So I tried to follow it:

string playerID;

string playerExternalID;

string playerDisplayName;

new GetTeamRequest ().SetTeamType ("friendsList").Send ((response) => {
if (response.HasErrors) {
Debug.Log ("Get team request error!");

else {

GSEnumerable<GetTeamResponse.__Teammembers = response.Team;  //  <--------------- the result from this response.Team = null or empty?
foreach (GetTeamResponse._Team user in members) {

playerID =user.Owner.Id; //<---My result is null

playerExternalID = user.Owner.ExternalIDs.GetString("FB"); //<----My result is null

playerDisplayName = user.Owner.DisplayName; //<---My result is null


Since the implementation changes, there is no response.Members. So I tried response.Team and response.Teams all are null/empty. Except the JSONData which holds the data I need. So do I need to do something like read from the JSONData and process it one by one into something like of a Dictionary<string,object> ?

Here is how it would look in the Test Harness:



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Thank you so much for this! I've been trying to search and figure out how to get the list of my teams from GetTeamRequest. 

I came over from this guide here for the Social Friends System where I was able to add friends as teams.

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