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Platform Release 2016-02-24

Hey all,

There is a lot of functionality that has gone into this release. You might notice that the security details from the Overview have moved into into their own configurable section called Credentials, now located within Integrations. This now allows you to create your own security credentials for requests, limiting the access others will have performing selected requests. Another new feature we've added is the ability to create and run bulk operations on the Player, enabling you to update details on the Player collection for multiple players simultaneously. Other features include new Spark Cloud Code methods for PSN and Steam networks, as well as the addition of the player audit collection to record and hold all player transactions on currency and Virtual Goods. There are many more features included such as e-mail notifications received for the addition of collaborators to your game, but it's probably best to see below for a list of all the new features and bug-fixes instead of reading me waffling on in a monolithic paragraph about all that's good....

Story --- Identify Live snapshot in REST API (6349)

Story --- New Cloud Code Methods added - SparkVirtualGood.SteamBuyGoodsRequest() and SparkVirtualGood.PSNBuyGoodsRequest() (6265)

Story --- Credentials is now user configurable allowing custom configuration and creation. (6113)

Story --- Spark.sendMessage* has been deprecated and replaced with Spark.Message* (6023)

Story --- New feature of Bulk player operations requests have been added. Allowing Bulk Jobs to be created and used to update players. (5995)

Story --- New collection added PlayerAudit. Allowing logging of balance and goods changes on players. (5993)

Story --- Response message added for TwitterConnectRequest without an Authentication Token. (5435)

Story --- Restructure of Push Configuration domain making it accessable through the RestAPI (5301)

Story --- Adding a collaborator to a game will now send an E-mail notifcation to the user. (4701)

Story --- Update to the CreateTeamResponse to now show the parameter teamName (4197)

Story --- Test Harness locking after three debug requests has been removed (3309)

Bug-Fix --- RealTime matchmaking not displaying RealTime details on matches with less then maximum players allowed has been resolved. (6699)

Bug-Fix --- Issue with Copying snapshot to a different game not copying the correct cloud code version has been fixed. (6367)

Bug-Fix --- Creating a snapshot based of a deleted snapshot parent not working has been fixed. (6355)

Bug-Fix --- Large numbers display in NoSQL explorer has been resolved. (6269)

Bug-Fix --- Response message added for KongregateConnectRequest without an Authentication Token (6263)

Bug-Fix --- Filter current player if an external service returns it in a friends response (6223)