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Match/Campaign/Instance properties

I've been evaluating your APIs and I don't see anywhere a concept of storing data more related to the current match/campaign or world instance property than to any player in particular.

Strictly speaking it may be possible to setup and use a fake player for that; or to do a search across the whole player array... but these are all quirky workarounds that are not very attractive.

Is there an existing API? Is it something you might implement in the future?

(By the way sorry I commented somewhere following the same line of thought but I'm very new to this forum)

For example there may be a number of unique items / powerups which are spawned at the beginning or in the course of a match, or when creating a world instance.

(I take it that there's no substantial difference between 'match' and 'world instance' in this case, this is just an attempt to clarify my point).

I such a case:

1) The item location and type should be stored in the server.

2) When a player want to collect said item they send a request to the server (normally handled by server code since we can't just access the DB which is way too cheat-prone).

3) Server code does some checks and will possible award the item, which is then deleted from server side storage.

4) Item is added to player storage (again, in a secure area that clients can't hack into.

Additionally, in some cases, it is desirable that server data persist even while no player are logged in.

So, I haven't found an example/doc covering this use case, which I think is fairly common though...

Does this make sense?

Three years later and I have the exact same question? In my game I would like to persist various assets only that live within the scope of the match.   Once the match is over I want to delete these assets and clean up the database objects. If the players find these assets throughout the match they are added to their inventory and they get to keep them until used later. If not they are removed when the game is over.  

Hi Thibaud,

You will need to be authenticated as a player to store data related to that players match.

Is this what you are referring to?

It is also possible to set up collections via REST.

Check out this doc on the NoSQL REST.

Let us know what you have in mind specifically.




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