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Spark.setProperties : Set properties programatically via cloud code / dynamic forms

Hi guys,

I recently browsed the Q&A and noticed this guy here had the same issue. Properties are great, but it'd be better if we could set them programatically ! I noticed you answered it was already planned within a major update of the rest API portal.

Is there an estimated release date for this update ?


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What is the advantage of a property over a custom runtime collection ?

Hi Guys,

You will be able to create properties via REST when our new REST API goes live, right now it's still in testing. You can keep an eye on our announcements page located here for updates on this. 



+1. This would be great. Please inform us ASAP. Thanks for your great service.


Hi Buche,

There is a major REST update currently in development. Due for release at some point over the next couple of months.

Keep an eye on our announcements section for more details.



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