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Using Supplemental Attributes With Leaderboards


I'm trying to an extra string into my leaderboard entries using a Supplemental Calc type attribute, but I seem to be running into a problem. My setup is as follows:

Post to Leaderboard Event with three attributes:

- time: Number that stores the time in the entry, Calc type Minimum

- stage: String that stores the name of the stage in which the score was made, Calc type Grouped

- information: String that stores extra information, Calc type Supplemental

Leaderboard with three fields connecting to the Event's attributes:

- time: Sort ASC, Group MIN

- stage: Sort DESC, Group PARTITION

- information: Sort NONE, no group

When I post a new leaderboard entry with the event, everything else works fine, but the information field gets stored as a number "1" into the entry, no matter what the contents are. So when I fetch the leaderboard data afterwards, I can't retrieve the custom information posted, as it just returns the number. The correct string will however show up in the Running Total associated with the leaderboard (when I check it from the NoSQL). Could I be doing something wrong? How should the Supplemental attributes be used?

Best regards,

Marko Keronen

Hi Marko,

Can you let me know which game you have this setup in ? I can see you have quite a few games so not sure which to be looking at, I'd like to take a look at the running total data. The name of the event and leaderboard would be helpful too. I've mirrored your setup from above and I can see the data fine in my running total. I used "Easy" as the supplemental string in my test and it was in the running total.



Hi Liam,

It's the "GameSparks Testing 6" game. The name of the Event that posts the new entry is "Leaderboard entry", and the Leaderboard is called "Leaderboard level time". I can see data in the Running Total as well, but it appears wrong in the Leaderboard entries in the NoSQL leaderboard collection. When I fetch the data in Unity with a LeaderboardDataRequest and go through the LeaderboardDataResponse._LeaderboardData entries, it seems to get the same object that I can find in the NoSQL leaderboard collection, so the extra value (the attribute is called "dog" in the setup) is always "1". Is there some easy way to access the Running Total data associated with the particular leaderboard entries?

Best regards,
Marko Keronen
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