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Timeout sinceyesterday

Hello since yesterday any time i try to send an event i receive: 



GameSparkLogic:<MigrateDenRequest>m__57(LogEventResponse) (at Assets/[Content]/Scripts/GameSparkLogic.cs:813)



i can still login and receive data from registration but all event i created myself  do timeout

Hi Damien,

Can you give me some more details here?
You are able to authenticate but not send events?

Have you updated your custom Unity SDK since you changed those events?



i was authenticated, the logEvents however timeout

i updates to the last unity sdk and used the button to generate code from my cloud code

I have same issue now. All logEvents cause error: timeout every time I call them from Unity client. When called from Test Harness they work fine.
It started suddenly today and I had this problem for all the day.

Hi all

Can I have some more information on the events that are timing out?

Have you had an increase in files in a collection that the events may be iterating through.

Have you tried calling a small event that doesn't perform many calculations.

A time out error is caused when the events takes longer than 30 seconds



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