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Trouble building plugin in UE4 4.11

Hi there good people :) ! 

Been toying around with Gamesparks a little bit (just to learn the platform). I've built the plugin in 4.9, 4.10 and noticed the plugin had trouble building in 4.11. The bitbucket page says 4.6 and above, though I think I might've read somewhere in the forum that you really do only support up to 4.9.2. I must definitely be pushing a little bit ahead but VS complains about 'RF_PendingKill': undeclared indentifier in GSMessageListeners.cpp. I was wondering how I could fix the issue temporarily since my test project is in 4.11. I could revert to 4.10.2 but just wanted to give a go in the forums before backtracking.

Thanks a bunch !  

Hi Antoine

We're aware of this issue and we plan to have it resolved shortly. We generally only certify for the latest release.

I'll let you know when we have done this


Awesome ! Thanks Gabriel. I reverted back to 4.10. There wasn't enough stuff done in 4.11 justifying I stay in that version. 

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