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GS: RECV:{"@class":".AuthenticationResponse","error":{"DETAILS":"UNRECOGNISED"},"newPlayer":false,"requestId":"635902444268319966_0","scriptData":null}

I'm constantly getting this error in Unity3D editor when trying to login already existing player. Password and username are correct. On top of that I'm getting same result in test harness... It drives me nuts. What might be cause of this? It prevents me from developing my GUI any further because any other interaction in my app must pass login screen first...Preview is enabled in editor, clicked  download custom SDK as well. It looks like it working or most often not working randomly.. GS can connect it just won't let me log in with my test user. This is showstopper for now..

Hi Peter,

Can you ensure that you are using the Username and not the Display name?
They are separate.

If you are still encountering the issue let me know and with your permission I'll have a look at your project and try to replicate the issue.



Of course I'm sure :) It worked couple days ago but it randomly refuses to log me in, I have nothing published only doing testing on preview version because I'm still pretty new to this backend thingy.. Please do not ask chime in already. I'd like to solve this ASAP because it prevents me from developing my GUI ny further.. game is tightly bonded to user data and making account and be able log in with it is crucial.

Hi Peter,

I will need your game API key so I can check your project.
If you like you can post it here, mail it to me privately ( or I can convert this post to a private ticket and we can deal with it there.



Email just went out :)

Any luck with it? Can I at least delete that user somehow and register new one with same credentials? Maybe it will fix it.

Hi Peter,

I asked via email if it only effected that user, but it looks like only the one user currently exists.
If you give me the login details for that user I can test it.
Or if you wish you can create a new user to see if you can replicate.


Let's continue chat via email. I sent reply with all credentials required and will post here solution if we can solve this somehow.

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