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How to config segments and virtual good segment setting by REST API?


I'm using to config my game.

But after I create segments, and virtual goods with segment setting in web portal UI, I still see nothing related to segments by REST API GET request.

The "segment" key of my virtual good items is still null. But I can see it in web portal UI.

I would like to setup my game by REST API

Please help.



Hi Oisin

1. I would like to set Segment and Properties via Rest API (, but there is no segment configs in The Rest API.

2. a) set some segment query via Web UIs

    b) Get configs via Rest API

    c) Post back the configs in b)

    d) segment query in a) gone.


Hi Jo,

Can you show me what steps you took so that I can replicate this issue?




If I post the configuration of my game, the segment setting of the virtual good is removed, and segment query is also removed.

I tried "properties", and it is the same that doesn't show in the configuration.



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