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Platform Release 2016-01-18

There is a lot of new functionality that has gone into this release.  Notably, the introduction of Experiments (currently in Beta testing), which allows you to manipulate values of configuration items for a particular pool of Players over a period of time, and see the results.  We've also added in a Recycle Bin to prevent you from accidentally deleting your game, as well as other additions to Leaderboards and queries to Segmentation, as well as improvements to Matchmaking and system logging.  See below for a list of new features and bug-fixes.

Story --- The Support and Community link in the Portal will now open in a separate tab (2719)

Story --- E-mail address validation has been added to Google Integrations Service Email Address (2769)

Story --- It's now possible to access downloadables vis Spark.getConfig() (2951)

Story --- Introducing the "Recycle Bin" state to restore deleted games (3011)

Story --- Include the Game ID and the API Key of the Game being copied to another Game (3191)

Story --- Added an option to not make a backup when importing Cloud Code (3585)

Story --- When the Portal session expires, NoSQL will display a message informing the user whether to stay or leave the page. (3901)

Story --- Allowing the rebuilding the leaderboards based on the existing running total data. (4505)

Story --- ScriptData and its contents are shown in the Debugger as it's being processed. (4739)

Story --- The Challenges group in Test Harness has been renamed to Multiplayer to coincide with the Portal (4747)

Story --- Relative segment values for numeric fields now support modification of the original values. (4821)

Story --- ListVirtualGoodsRequest now accepts a "tags" parameter. (4843)

Story --- Virtual Goods support the segmentation of the Tags field (4845)

Story --- Spark.getRemainingMilliseconds() will get the remaining milliseconds to run some javascript (4847)

Story --- Get player creation date in javascript using SparkPlayer.getCreationDate() (4849)

Story --- Added Segment Queries which allow query filters to assign specific Players to certain Segments (4861)

Story --- It's now possible to edit the configuration of custom JSON attributes for Messages (5047)

Story --- Experiments is now available (in Beta) in the Manage section. (5077)

Story --- Configuration of RealTime services for Matches through the Portal and Cloud Code is available. (5491)

Story --- Added extra details to the logs so its possible to tell where an error came from (6173)

Bug-fix --- Collections didn't automatically update in the select dropdown after creating or dropping them (1399)

Bug-fix --- Added validation that ensures two matchmaking thresholds don't have same time period (5203)

Bug-fix --- SocialLeaderboardDataRequest not returning Players who have exactly the same score as you (5383)

Bug-fix --- The user couldn't log out when on the Analytics screen (5391)

Bug-fix --- ListVirtualGoodsResponse for a Player that has a segmented Virtual Good, didn't return the correct segment value for w8StoreProductId (5891)

Bug-fix --- Matchmaking wasn't always returning a comprehensive list of correct matches (5965)

Bug-fix --- Leaderboard Partition entries were not shown when the partition value had a whitespace in it (6005)

Bug-fix --- Match .removePlayers() and .removePlayersById() were not removing Players when calling .getParticipants(); (6009)

Bug-fix --- The Save button in integrations "disappeared" when you added a lot of segment values. (6123)

Bug-fix --- Matchmaking would fail when two players tried to match simultaneously (6141)