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Manually adding an external authentication

Is it possible to manually add an external authentication (Facebook), or change the GameSparks player to whom the Facebook authentication points to?

The use case, is a user who got locked out of her account (only using DeviceAuthentication, and hadn't connected to Facebook before). Now, she has Facebook connected on a fresh install of the app. If I can manually connect this external Facebook authentication with her previous account, she'd regain access to her account.



Hey Baris,

What i would suggest is that you send the device-ID from the client through script-data when they register or authenticate, and have that id stored in the player's script-data. Then when you ban a player, you drop each banned player into a collection of banned player.
Each time a user logs on, the cloud code would search the banned player list to see if the device id matches, if there is a match then you can immediatly ban that user and disconnect and close the socket.

Does this work for you?


Hi Sean,

Thanks for the reply. I don't want to ban the user. She had an account (say, A) with some progress in the game, which she connected with by only using a device authentication request. But then the app connected to A got deleted. 

Then she re-installed and re-connected to GameSparks, creating an account B. She connected this to Facebook, so her Facebook account is now tied to account B.

What I want to do, is to transfer this Facebook connection to her account A, so when she logs onto Facebook, she can regain access to her account A. 

What I'm thinking is, just manually changing the "gamePlayers:" attribute in her externalAuthentication, but will this mess up anything else going on under the hood?



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