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NoSQL operation exceeded time limit

There is a specific query that I need to make to help resolve a customer issue, but it's an unindexed query on the Player collection, and I get the NoSQL operation exceeded time limit error each time. It's a very rare query, so I don't think it's worth indexing.

Do you have any suggestions on how to go about this?


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Had same problem on a system collection (verifiedPurchases).

As we can't index I had the 30 sec time limit problem.

Support couldn't solve and couldn't launch the query for me (it was a one shot).

So now I have to make a runtime collection similar to the system collection, and I can index it and query it.

I have a similar problem. For an issue/debugging I would like to query the database but i get the error "operation exceeded time limit" on every try. Can I somehow extend this timelimit? I would like to wait on the results if I get some results at all.



This is the system player collection. But I was wondering if there is another way to handle a very occasional query that takes long in the NoSQL tab, other than indexing. This is the only time I had to make this query in 8 months.

Well it depends on the query.
Are you planning to index your own player collection or is it the system collection?



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