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Shared Player Data between Games

Greetings, we are investigating the use of the GameSparks platform for our commercial products.

We have multiple games and would like to share (at very least) the player login and authentication information so we may authenticate a player between multiple games.

Is this a feature that is in the works or are there plans for this?



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Hey Devon,

We currently do not have the ability to have a multiple games with a shared player collection. However, the platform itself is extremely flexible in the sense that there is nothing stopping you building three games in one GameSparks game profile.
Segments, for example allow you to tailor game-settings based off different criteria, but for a single game (for regional testing for example). Using segments, you could simply have specific collections and events for each game which are only called by their specific clients.

If you need more details, please let us know.


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we are testing Game Sparks and we have a similar issue.

Let's say that we have 2 games: games A and B.


In the Configurator (integration->facebook) we provided "segment configuration" with FB ID and Secret for Game A and B, setting custom queries, but if the same player login first with game A User Access Token and then with game B User Access token, Game Sparks creates two different accounts.

In our proprietary backend when we logged in users we used to rely on Facebook TOKEN_FOR_BUSINESS property that uniquely identifies a single users using different games from the same company.

Is there something that we can do on game spark to avoid user duplication?

thanks in advance

I was looking for this information and found this forum post. Now we have to change all of our design because having shared login credentials for our users seem like the obvious implementation decision and it's incredible that it's not supported by GameSparks. 

We made the mistake to assume that this was the case. I'm very disappointed by this implementation, doesn't seem logical to have several games under one game, we will have to append the game name to basically everything.

Hi all

Facebook specifically gives different userIDs based on the game.

This is done to avoid companies tracking players over many different games they may have facebook integrated into. 

It is due to this that if two games are set up on facebook but both connect to the same gamesparks back end facebook gives us two different user ids for them so we have no way of connecting them.



Hi Katie,

sorry I disagree with you on this.

Facebook specifically gives different userIDs based on the game, BUT give you several ways (i.e. token_for_business) to map the same user across apps...

..."to support use cases such as cross-promotion or fraud detection".

It is very common today for a game studio to have "game families", 

simply you have not an implementation for that, but please don't blame facebook



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I'm also looking at sharing game data across multiple games (in addition to one cross-platform game). A shared authentication is at least a must. Facebook login has to work, though alternatively Google and Twitter might suffice under some circumstances.

"However, the platform itself is extremely flexible in the sense that there is nothing stopping you building three games in one GameSparks game profile."

I shared game profile might work for us, but it is still unclear to me if Facebook authentication is supported in that use case?

Any updates on this Facebook issue ?

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