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Debugging support for all CloudCode (Snippts, Callback URL etc)

Can we get support for debugging all CloudCode? Currently its limited to events, request and response but there are other places where CloudCode can be trigged and without debugger support it can be frustrating to debug.

Would love to see support for debugging snippets and code attached attached to System.Callback URL especially. Developing both, via logging or converting bits of code into test events to debug, is somewhat painful esp to newcomers to GameSparks.

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Hi Pip,

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll pass it on to the Dev Team for review.



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Would like to add my name to the list requesting this! It's difficult to debug snippets currently, would be incredibly useful to have this feature!

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i want this feature

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Callback debugging is currently a nightmare.  It would be great to have some Test Harness integration.

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